Rani Bisal


Executive Head of Business Optimization at DStv Media Sales


With around 15 years of experience in IT and Industry Media Domains, I have advanced
my career amidst massive global digital transformation, ranging from the emergence of
social media and cloud computing, to digital advertisement and big data. My roles within
this space have included domain & functional consultant, enterprise architect and
strategist, working with leading media agencies, pay television and internet companies as
well as newspaper publishers.
I currently hold the position as Head of IT Strategy with Africa’s leading pay TV
organization, working collaboratively with the CEO in designing business and IT solutions
to meet company objectives. This participative approach affords me a greater
understanding of both the business and IT sides of the company, and allows me to create
a win-win situation for all stakeholders.
My continued fascination with the world of new media, advertising, technology and
innovation-driven next gen business fuels my passion to grow, both as a strategic leader
and an SME, in the media, entertainment, digital media, advertising, marketing and
analytics fields.